Bedroom Update

The bedroom project is really coming along. It looks so much bigger and cleaner now that the walls are a solid color. There are still some details to finish like the doors and the switch plates. Here are some of the newly finished things...
I lied about the drawers last time, sorry, they weren't done after all. Now they are since they have been legofied and are now drawers/lego tables.

The first wall nearly done! You can see a bit of what used to be.

This was a gingerbread clock (one of those gifts you just can't think of a thing to do with) but has been transformed into a death star! This is Adam's handy work. I love the light saber hands.

Here is another of Adam's projects. Items needed: clear tubing, flashlight, grey attacher thing, and metal corner thing. I'll be honest, I have no idea what either of those things are called, but they did come together nicely to make a light saber wall sconce!

Some layers of red plastic wrap make the glow red.

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