Birthday Boy

My little guy will be 5 in a few more days! I really can't believe it! We had his Lego Star Wars party on Sunday and it went very well. Now on to the pics...
This is his yearly birthday mural (yes, we did miss the last 2 years). 

Inside our Lego guy jars we had homemade play dough for the littlest kids and Lego mini kits for the bigger ones.

Time to blow out the candles!

We always have a little themed snack and this year was light saber pretzels. 

This is our little instruction sheet for how to build the Lego ship. We hit the Lego store at MOA and hand selected each of these little guys. The staff and customers thought it was just the most amazing thing...we just thought the price was better than purchasing actual kits.

Adam made Wookie sandwich cookies instead of cake this year. It made things so much easier!

Here is a close up of the Lego Darth Vader. He turned out so well with our collaboration!

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