One Week Down

The bottle is full of air!
We have one whole week of kindergarten under our belts now! We have a good routine down already and I think it is working well. Days 1 and 4 were a ton of fun, while days 2 and 3 were a little rougher. I can tell that we are both greatly appreciating our day off and it will be very low key around here today. 2 things really stuck out for little guy this week. He really likes the Boxcar Children, who found the dump and many kitchen items for their home there during our reading yesterday. He also had a blast with our 2 air related science experiments.
Handwriting Without far so good.
We spent the week learning about what it was like during the time of the first people. On the last day we made "clay" bowls just like the first people.
After making bowls we turned our focus to what they ate. Here is a bowl of blueberries and a fish for the first people to eat. Little guy says he wants to be one of the first people when he grows up, also an Olympic gymnast.


Stefanie said...

What an awesome first week!!! It sounds like you're using Sonlight.

Popping in from Pre-K Corner

Michelle said...

Yes! We are using sonlight core, science, and handwriting. We really like it! We are using Math U See, All About Reading/Spelling, and Little Passports too.