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The Spirit

It is so easy to look back on how life has gone and see how the holy spirit has worked in you. How a completely unrelated series of events, at the time, turned out to be a perfectly times chain reaction to land you in a precise spot. It's simply amazing! We love to look back on it all and think about how we didn't even know it was happening. We were led so smoothly from one place to the next and didn't even know it till we arrived to the final destination, only to look back and say, "wow! That happened for a reason!"

I'm sure many have felt it as it happened before. For us this is a new thing. In the last few months we have started to have this growing anticipation. It started with an overwhelming desire to grow in God's word. Then came the drive to begin simplifying our lives. So far, totally normal. We studied, we donated tons of stuff, and then we studied some more. Then the anticipation started. It started as a small inkling, then grew to a strong feeling, like we are preparing for something big.

It might seem a little crazy for my non christian readers, but I am hoping that my fellow Christians will get what I'm saying. In the last few weeks we have felt such a change. We are ready to move beyond our study to share and help others, a confidence we did not have a year ago. And even though our house has less than half of what it did in it, we feel like it is time to reduce even more. All the while I can't drop this strong feeling that we are ultimately preparing for something big in the future.

This is how I describe it:

There is a huge Christmas present in the living room. I can't wait to see what is inside! I want to pull back the paper just a bit to get a peek at what is inside, but I can't because it isn't physically there. It is hard to be patient about the things coming when you feel like a kid waiting for Christmas presents!

Have any of you had this kind of experience? It is new to us and we would love to hear from know, that we aren't crazy or anything ; )


Jessalyn said…
I know exactly what you mean. We are looking into some big changes, it's been 7yrs in the making for me. And somedays it feels like the wait is forever, but the anticipation is so great too. I am so excited about the next year or two. It's kinda weird though when you only have part of the picture and you just have to trust God with the whole picture and you really really want to see the entire picture right now! But God is definetly so good!
Anonymous said…
Definitely. So, in 2006, I was writing a bucket list for myself. (This was even before we got married) Seemingly randomly, After writing things like Ride a hot air balloon or have a certain kind of pet, I wrote down "adopt a deaf child". Then I sat back, realized what I had just written, and thought about how I hadn't realized that I EVER wanted to do that. It was a little daunting, so I qualified it by writing, "at least foster one". I put it out of my mind for years, but then the last few years, I have felt really pushed to prepare for this. I pushed back. I wasn't ready, I thought. But then nearly EVERYTHING I encountered last fall had something to do with deaf people. I felt like it was God nudging me to prepare. It was terrifying, but I took the leap (or at least it felt like a leap). I did What I thought was the first step. I enrolled in a sign language class at the local college. I have taken up to ESL3, and now I have a semester off (because the college doesn't offer ESL4 this semester) I feel like it is still a long way from us adopting a child (most likely from a different country, most likely not born yet), but I feel like being more prepared is going to be the smoothest way to do it. I have always dreamed of adopting a child, but I never knew it was seriously in my future until recently. I always told my husband that if we had three boys in a row, we were adopting a girl, but we have one boy and one girl, so I have no idea if our adopted child will be a boy or girl. I just know God is preparing me for him/her. He is softening my heart for specific countries, and every time I hear a story about another country, I think to myself, "Is that where our child will come from?"

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