What's in the Bible

I have been eyeing the What's in the Bible dvd collection for months now. Little guy and I watched every clip available and fell in love. We finally purchased the entire old testament series (9 dvds). We have not watched all of them yet, but we are so glad we got them!

What's in the bible gives a brief review of each book of the bible. It is fun and includes lots of great music. As adults our favorite part is the information that is not in the books. They cover some really tough topics and make the answers so clear and very understandable. They don't beat around the bush or make things long and complicated like many studies we have done. Our understanding of christianity has improved quite a bit.

Some of the topics they have coverd are what are the books of the bible, who wrote them, why can we trust them, ect. Also tough stuff like how old is the earth. Last night we watched disk 7, yes, without the little guy because we like it so much that we watch it without him too, and learned why the Jews were called Jews once the story of Esther hit and we both sat there going "OooooOOOooh!" You just have to love when something suddenly clicks in your mind.

We are really enjoying the series! This is by far the best bible related study we have ever used. It is great for the whole family. The charatcters are fun and the songs are catchy. Our favorite song is the Genesis song with The Bently Brothers (clipped below). If you want to get your own copy you can click the link and save 20%! http://whatsinthebible.extole.com/a/clk/2pWM73

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