Holiday Showcase: The Crazy Elephant

The holiday showcase is back for another year! I will be honest, I almost forgot all about it! I'm glad I didn't though because I will be featuring some awesome handmade shops to help you with your handmade holiday. As usual I am starting with me, especially since there have been so many changes this last year.

Where can we find you?

What is life like in your studio?

Generally, I try to cut a series of pads, or what ever I am making that week, one afternoon a week. I get about 4 hours a week after little guy's bed time to do sewing, marathon style. I do my best to get about 20-25 listings up or restocked per week. I take care of my blog and online work to the sound of a 5 year old singing the Star Wars theme at the top of his lungs...very motivational!

What is your favorite giftable in your shop?

My favorite gift item in my shop this holiday is the penguin marble maze! They come in many prints but the one in the pic is my absolute favorite. They can go with you anywhere and they are a great quiet toy for the kids. Adults love them too and play with them as much as the kids!

Why is handmade important to you?

It is special! Handmade items hold meaning to people. A machine made plush is easily tossed out or forgotten, but something that has been made with love for someone with their own hands is just special. Plus it just feels good to have something that no one else can just run out and copy.

Share a handmade gift anyone can make.

Last year we made my in-laws a homemade pizza kit. We included a jar of pizza dough mix I made from scratch, a mini can of tomato sauce, and a package of pepperoni. It was a big hit and since it was consumable it did not take up space once it was used.

Is there anything else you would like to share?

We have grown and changed so much in the last year and I just have to say thank you to all my fantastic fans and customers! You guys are simply awesome!

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