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We studied the early native Americans a little before Thanksgiving. Little Guy's book had this great and very simple tepee art project and we had a blast doing it. The tepee is basically a half circle with the top cut off. the sticks are made with straws and held down with play-doh. It was so easy! Here is a shot of the kiddo with his finished project.

Free Music

FREEdi YouTube Downloader
I love this app! What's so great about it? You can use it to download youtube videos as MP3s on your kindle! Okay, that may have been a tad bit confusing, but it means that if you have a favorite song, especially one you can't get in the kindle music shop, you can download it as and MP3 and it is added to your music collection. This fantastic little app allowed me to add the music from Emmett Otter's Jug band Christmas to my playlist and I really like that. The added perk is that the app is also free, YAY!

Craft Show

We did our last craft show recently. It was a nice day and it was our last mainly because we are going to go pads only in our shop and pads sell great online but not well in small town MN. The big new thing though was that my little guy was selling his confetti at his first show. He even sold his first bag which was incredibly exciting! Below is a photo of our display. His confetti is on top of one of the center boxes.

New Look

You may have noticed I changed the look of the blog today! I love how it turned out! I thought I would share the banner here so it shows up on my FB page.

DIY Little Passports

Adam came up with the idea first and I loved it, then stressed about it, then hated it, then it really grew on me... I'm confusing, I know! We have been getting little passports in the mail for a few months now and Little Guy just loves it. We like it too, don't get me wrong, but for the $15 we are paying each month for the 2 year subscription we feel like we could do better. So the idea was this, let's make our own! I loved the idea, because we could do much cooler souvenirs and relate them to people that we know who have been there too. We could also go anywhere and better form them to what we are learning about. The part that stressed me out was that it meant doing a ton of research and writting the letters on top of everything a homeschool mom already does, I did not like that at all. Today I realized that I know a lot of people who have been to other countries. With their help I would have a launching point to write the letters and any kind of idea what kind of souven…

Awesome Shopping

I have done some pretty awesome shopping lately, for a woman who does very little of it. I have to share because I couldn't not!

First up is What's in the Bible. I have already given a rave review of the entire old testament set, but we recently got the Why Do We Call it Christmas DVD and Everyday Emmanuel Advent book. I am as impressed as ever! The DVD answers pretty much every question a person could have about the Christmas season. It is very fun and informative and will likely be watched over and over till I pack it away with the other Christmas movies in January. Everyday Emmanuel is an e-book. I printed the entire thing,  which is somewhere around 90 pages, because I didn't want to read it all on the computer. I cannot wait to use it. It includes instructions to make a very easy and inexpensive pocket countdown calendar. It includes prayers, songs, and devotions for advent Sundays  There are big question days that include videos that can be found online if you have p…

Morning Surprise

We were up and getting ready to send Little Guy off to speech class when Adam said look out the window. Here is what we say and it was a huge surprise!
A woodpecker pecking the tree! Then a second one joined it, but it was too fast for a picture. It is pretty cool when you can see nature right out your window in the very center of town!

Holiday Showcase: Fischer Images

It's time for another showcase! Today is Fischer Images, fine art photography by my fantastically creative Aunt.

Where can we find you? Etsy-
Facebook- Http://
What is life like in your studio? My studio is my home office. I have some of my favorite englargements on the walls for inspiration.It is well organized,so I have no distractions when working or creating.
My favorite giftable item in my shop would have to be my book markers, they are waterproof & last almost forever! They can be custom made to fit ages 4 to 99 ! All though all my prints would make great gifts also,with many to choose from.
I love homemade things, knowing that someone put their heart into making it, & knowing I am getting quality work!
Share a handmade gift anyone can make. These card notes are easy to make & anyone can make them. Take your favorite 4x6 inch photo print. Get some cardsto…


It's been a few days since, but still worth sharing. Little Guy had Awana in the evening, so he didn't get to go trick-or-treating. We wanted to still have a special day for him though. We decided to invite one of his good friends (and family) over for a special halloween lunch. The kiddos loved their special food and play time and us grown ups got in a few rounds of Carrcassone, a board game, and lots of adult interaction. Want to see the menu?