Awesome Shopping

I have done some pretty awesome shopping lately, for a woman who does very little of it. I have to share because I couldn't not!

First up is What's in the Bible. I have already given a rave review of the entire old testament set, but we recently got the Why Do We Call it Christmas DVD and Everyday Emmanuel Advent book. I am as impressed as ever! The DVD answers pretty much every question a person could have about the Christmas season. It is very fun and informative and will likely be watched over and over till I pack it away with the other Christmas movies in January. Everyday Emmanuel is an e-book. I printed the entire thing,  which is somewhere around 90 pages, because I didn't want to read it all on the computer. I cannot wait to use it. It includes instructions to make a very easy and inexpensive pocket countdown calendar. It includes prayers, songs, and devotions for advent Sundays  There are big question days that include videos that can be found online if you have purchased the book. There are lots of activities like baking cookies and activity sheets. We are very excited to make ours and it will be great to use every year! You can save 20% at this link:

Exciting shopping #2 is Zulily. They have a $10 credit waiting for anyone who is a new member and it can be used till the 27th. As of posting this they have magazine subscriptions with no shipping. I was able to get little guy a 1 year subscription to Ranger Rick Jr for FREE! That is right in my price range! You can find Zulily here:

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