DIY Little Passports

Adam came up with the idea first and I loved it, then stressed about it, then hated it, then it really grew on me... I'm confusing, I know! We have been getting little passports in the mail for a few months now and Little Guy just loves it. We like it too, don't get me wrong, but for the $15 we are paying each month for the 2 year subscription we feel like we could do better. So the idea was this, let's make our own! I loved the idea, because we could do much cooler souvenirs and relate them to people that we know who have been there too. We could also go anywhere and better form them to what we are learning about. The part that stressed me out was that it meant doing a ton of research and writting the letters on top of everything a homeschool mom already does, I did not like that at all. Today I realized that I know a lot of people who have been to other countries. With their help I would have a launching point to write the letters and any kind of idea what kind of souvenirs to put with it.

So here is the grand idea I have come up with today! With the help of friends, family, and anyone who wants to collaborate on this, I will right the letters and share them on the blog. Anyone who wants to print them out and make their own for their kids can do that. I will have to come up with the story line, ect. because I don't want to outright steal the work of the Little Passports people, they do a great job. I'm not sure where it will lead at this point, but I am excited to get into it!

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