Exciting News

Yesterday was an exciting day in the Morgan home! We have had missionary work on our minds for a while now but weren't sure about the next step we should take. Honestly  we were a little nervous about it because we felt like contacting anyone would mean leaving home and uprooting soon. Due to a quick e-mail with a few questions about how things work and about a certain missionary position, we got a call from Reach Global yesterday! Adam was on the phone with him for a long time, so I knew that it was going to result in something more than just answering a few questions. Here is what happened...

The rep felt like we would be a great fit as media producers! Either for a large portion of Europe with our home base in Amsterdam, or For the 20 missionary families working in Berlin. We sent in our preliminary forms and will be attending the next training seminar where we will learn more about being a missionary, what position we will work best with, and the fine art of raising funds. Once we start raising funds we are looking at 1-2 years before we would actually leave. That was comforting, since our biggest concern was that we may have to pack up and leave in a matter of months, which we are not quite ready for yet. 

Adam and I are very excited! Adam rarely gets excited and he is, so that is big! Little Guy is a little less excited. He doesn't want to leave his house. I expect our family and friends will have a varied mix of reactions. We would love for all of you to keep us in your prayers as we go through this whole process. It is a pretty big deal (which I realized when I saw the face of the first person I told) and very new, which makes it exciting but also a little scary. We trust the Lord to lead us in this though and so we can easily let go of the scary portion and just stick with excitement!

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