St Nicholas Day

St. Nicholas day was simple but fun! We did stockings and spent the day playing new apps and watching movies. it was a much needed break in our house, even if Adam had to work.
Little Guy got 3 hard cover Magic Tree House books (fantastic find at the local thrift store), the Veggie Tales St. Nicholas movie for the kindle, and the Tizzy Seasons app. He was so excited he couldn't even talk. He just kept staring at all the goodies.

Later in the day I stumbled across an app called Go Go Kiddo. It was on sale for $.99 and so I got it, even though the file is huge. I am so happy I did! It is a fantastic app. There are game, jokes, videos, and even a mini piano. I also really liked that it was made by a couple who are also parents. It really got me thinking too. I would love to do a christian based app, because there are so few and most aren't done well. Seeing another couple making an app and of such high quality inspired me to start fleshing out my idea. We'll have to see where it leads, but for now it is certainly burning in the back of my mind!

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