Thoughts and Prayers

What do you even say on a day like this...We do not have any cable channels and I tend to just do work on the computer. Suddenly on Facebook there comes post after post about something terrible that has happened. One of my friends made sure to leave a link and now I am in the loop, not that it is a happy place to be. I have been praying for the families involved in this horrific shooting. I can't even begin to imagine what they are going through!

This kind of news is so hard to process. We are already living in a country where people keep to themselves and avoid strangers. Stories like this can only heighten our fear of others. Not a mother in this country will send their child to school on Monday morning without a twinge in their heart, because you just don't know, you just don't. For our family there is only one reason that we won't worry as the number of "safe" places diminishes and that is God. We are confident in our faith! We know that even if the unthinkable were to happen that God will hold us and keep us. He is our hope in a world that is crashing down around us. We do not need to be afraid!

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