Window Quilts

I am going for it! I am making window quilts. I am even hand sewing the blocks, except 1 which is my seam allowance guide. It all started out with Adam running out of window plastic and saying, "I don't want to buy more, every." Well, I was ready with a solution  window quilts. Hand stitching is coming along quite slowly and I will switch to the machine when I need them done more quickly. At the moment I am just enjoying it as a leisure activity. Plus I have had the pieces cut for a quilt for my room for nearly 7 years and now they are finally getting put to good use!
You can see some of the hand stitching on this block.
I think they are going to be great! They will keep us from buying plastic and throwing it away every year, yay green! With the unseasonably warm weather we have been having occasionally  it also means that we can open the windows one day and have the winterized the next. That will be esspecially nice when spring comes around. You never know what the weather is going to be like in southern MN. They will look great too. As for living in the dark...we tend to keep the curtains shut in the winter for warmth anyway, so it still would have been dark.
Some of the finished blocks...can you guess the one that is machine stitched?

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