World Travels: Introduction

Welcome to the first installment of World Travels! This all came about from our desire to do Little Passports, but with more freedom as to what countries we learn about and when. I am posting some of the material on the blog so that others can also enjoy the work I put into them. They might as well get more use than just one use at our house. The "packages" I send my little guy will include a letter from Delbert and Dinah, a photo, a flag sticker from the country they are visiting for his passport, and some fun souvenirs. If you haven't done anything like this before, you should know that we also have a map to locate the country, a small suitcase to put all these goodies in, and a play passport. Those would be great items to add to this first package. My normal set up will be letter first, then the picture, then notes about what we are doing such as souvenirs, activities, ect. My little guy already knows we are doing this and has the basics from his Little Passports from the past few months, so the letter is all he will be getting this time around.


My name is Delbert. My good friend Dinah got a very special Christmas gift this year, a hot air balloon! Can you believe it? It is beautiful, with gold, red, and black stripes. Dinah had a great idea of how to use her special gift. I bet you can't wait to hear her idea! Well, she thought we should travel the world in her balloon. I thought it was a great idea and said yes right away.

I came up with a great idea of my own too. I knew we would learn so many new things about lots of countries we have never seen. Then I thought we should share. We thought long and hard about who we should share our adventures with, and we thought of you!

Dinah and I are going to have so much fun traveling all over the world in the hot air balloon. We hope that you have fun learning along with us too. I will write again soon when we land in our first country!

Balloon photo © Walleyelj | Stock Free Images & Dreamstime Stock Photos

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