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A Big New Year

Happy 2013! This is a big new year for the Morgan family. We have been talking about missionary activities nonstop for a few weeks now. We may not be leaving for a good 2 years at least, but there are a lot of things to consider and it will take a lot of time to figure it all out.

Tomorrow morning we will be doing our hour long phone call with the ENGAGE team at Reach Global. We will be getting the nitty gritty details of the application process. There are references to get, forms to fill out, and doctors/specialists to visit. We should also get a chance to ask some important questions. We need to know if we can homeschool and if we are able to bring our doggie.

In the mean time we are diligently picking away at our material possessions  of which there is still a large amount. I think we could almost supply the local thrift store on our own. I am just waiting for them to ask us how we are able to bring a stead supply of baskets headed their way. We bring one to them at least once a month plus continue to make donations at Savers. The majority of our things will not be coming with us. We plan to pack a few totes to store with family, but the rest we will gradually purge.

Another hot topic for us has been The Crazy Elephant Boutique. I spent the whole last year focusing on long term growth with the ultimate goal of making it a career for both myself and Adam. With the looming mission trip, we have been discussing what to do with it. We know that the closer we get to leaving, the more we will have on our plate. It will getting increasingly difficult to continue running the shop. We made the decision to keep it going till we are out of core material. I have 10 yards of the heavy absorb and 10 yards of the medium absorb. It should last 1-1.5 years by my estimation. Also we are streamlining the process by putting all energy and resources into Etsy solely, with the goal being higher short term sales verses our original goal of long term growth. Our customers have nothing to worry about for quite a while as we will still be up and running for a long time.

It sure has been an exciting new year so far...and it is only 3 days in! I will leave you all today with a shot from our new year's eve party. We had a lot of fun playing board and Wii games. We will have to plan to do this again next year.
Minecraft and flying chicken on the Wii.


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