Back in the Groove

I don't think I could possibly feel better about getting back to normal! This was our first week back to our normal routine. It feels great! Our house is clean again, and our spirits are high. If it weren't for a sore throat Little Guy would have had me reading to his constantly for the last week. He just dove back into his school work.

 Little Guy was thrilled to get his first package from Delbert and Dinah all about Guatemala. He was so excited to get a bunch of bananas and a pile of chocolates. I was surprised at how captivated he was with the videos we watched too. He is now an avid Man v. Wild fan too!
Another great surprise was that the first time he got his Kindle on Monday he didn't hop right onto Minecraft! Instead, he pulled up the Brain Pop Jr. app (free on Amazon) and watched videos about scientific method and classifying animals. He is getting used to only having an hour of play time each day too and makes sure to turn it off when he isn't playing to save time.
 We started "ng" words this week. They are tricky! You can't sound them out and it is hard to say on it's own without saying a whole word. We have pegged them "ping-pong" words. When he says that he gets a chance to hear that ending sound and it brings it back for him. This is deffinitely one we will have to keep practicing though.
Math was all review. It is incredible how much he forgot during our 5 weeks off. I have decided not to take any more breaks that long. Since we are going to do year round, I think we will be taking no more than 2 weeks at a time. He was excited to break out the 100 blocks again though. They are his favorite!

I am looking forward to keeping things simple around here for a few weeks. It felt great just being "normal" for a week, you know, as normal as life can be.

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