Curve Ball

All week we have been patiently awaiting the next e-mail from our Reach Global rep, the next step of our adventure waiting inside. Of course, we never should have thought that God would place us on a straight and narrow, predictable path. Silly us! What were we thinking?

We did in fact get a message today, but it was not even in the ball park of what we were expecting. It was sort of a three-parter. First on the list was the news about homeschooling in Germany, it is illegal  We originally were leaning more toward the Berlin location because it would be stationary, lower key, and we would stay a little closer to our comfort zone. Plus we would likely be able to keep our dog. After our first chat with the rep, Amsterdam started to grow on us, to the point that I don't think we were even considering Berlin any more. Clearly, God knew this news was coming and prepared us for it in advance.

Part 2 is where our plan for the year, our comfy, cozy, we have a good feel for what our year looks like plan, comes into question. Would we be interested in doing a short term trip first and then going long term? About a hundred questions popped into my mind instantly. I took a look at the timeline for short term and it is less involved, by a lot. We are open to making the change, but we will have to ask a lot of questions about time frames and the like. We could end up leaving way sooner than currently anticipated. I don't have anything to base this on, but it is possible that the missionaries in Europe would like to have someone fill the spot sooner and perhaps starting out with a short term trip would help with that. If there is one thing I do know, It's that I am going to hold on to Jesus' hand through this as he guides me along the path. At least He knows where he is going!

Number 3, not such a big deal, is if we have done or heard of Perspectives. We have not, but if you have any idea of what this is, please share!

We will hopefully be chatting with our rep again next week. In the mean time we have a lot of talking and praying to do. We are getting our list of questions started tonight and will be adding to it frequently till our call, I'm sure.

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Barbara Golley said...

Michelle, here's a link to info on homeschooling in the Netherlands: in Germany: and any other country you want info on: