Freetime Unlimited

Kindle FreeTime Unlimited

Little Guy got a Kindle for Christmas. It is going to be an essential tool for our homeschool abroad  One of my favorite parts is an app only available on the new generation of Kindles, Kindle Freetime. I love it! You can set it up to only have the books, videos, and apps you want each child to have. You can set it up for each child, so they all have the materials that are right for them. You can also set up timers. You can set it for overall screen time or you can set up time by category. We currently have ours set at unlimited for books, 1 hours for videos, and 1 hour for apps. This has been an incredible app on Little Guy's new Kindle and we are so happy to be able to have and use it.

Amazon thought this wasn't enough, so they created Freetime Unlimited. For a low monthly fee, your kiddo has access to tons of apps, videos, and books that are appropriate for ages 3-8. There is a lot to choose from and you can only find some of it by doing a search. It includes some really great educational materials in all categories. It also contains a lot of fluff, more than I would like.

Kindle FreeTime Collage
Little Guy has enjoyed exploring all the content, but filled his Kindle by the second week. There is so much on there that he can't find what he is looking for and some of what he does find, and grow attached to, is more toward the 8 year old level than the 5 year old level. Our free trial subscription is nearly over and I have not been won over.

I would love it if I could personalize it. With normal Freetime I have to manually select what is available for him to use, but with Unlimited it is all there. I would like to be able to at least remove things that I don't want him to have access to or that he doesn't want. It would clean up the screen so he could find his favorite things. In the meantime, we did find a handful of content that we will be buying after we end the subscription. We also got 2 weeks of free educational content that covered all of our history, science, and read-alouds since we started school back up again.

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