Application Checklist

Have you ever wondered what a missions application looks like? I will break it down for you. You will never look at job applications the same way again!

Adult Reference form - with 4 references
Child Reference form - with 2 references
Medical history form for all of us
Physician's exams for all of us
ReachGlobal application - similar to a normal job app
Theological questionnaire
Missiological questionnaire
Personal life history - very, very personal!
2 background check forms
Sending in a family photo
DiSC - self-knowledge tool (this one will involve some $)

That's big deal right? I have already sent questions to 2 separate e-mails for 3 of the forms. We will just have to take it one at a time. At least we have a lovely checklist to mark up and keep us organised.

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HiramJessalyn Jobes said...

Very very understatement :-) I couldn't agree more....