Lots of Learning

We had a great homeschool week! This is the windmill generator that Mister got with his World Travels letter. He put it together with his Daddy during "boy night". They had a blast with it!

Jayne finished All About Reading Level 1! After a long hard think, I decided to give Alpha Phonics a try as our next level. Mister seems to really like it and I was able to get it for free from the Kindle Prime lenders library. We loved AAR, but it is very slow paced and Alpha Phonics will end with him at a 2nd-3rd grade reading level. He is looking forward to the many Boxcar Children and Magic Tree House books we plan to spend the saved money on.

He drew a picture of how he felt about my having covered his face in stickers!

Adam got a chance to read to Mister on Friday, giving me a vocal break. This book really sucks our  Little  Guy in! It is Usborne's Time Traveler. They read 10 pages!  I usually cut him off at 6 because I know I need my voice for all the other subjects. I expect that I am going to have quite the reader when he has the skills.

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