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We flew to the most amazing place this month! I said, "Delbert, we have to land there and see what that is!" Below the ground was striped with every color of the rainbow, reds, blues, yellows and more. What could have possibly caused these fantastic stripes?

When we landed, Delbert and I saw that they were giant fields of Tulips. The were so beautiful and there were so many! In the distance we could see a tall windmill. It did not look like the white, sleek windmills we are used to in the USA. We had landed in The Netherlands. The family that runs the farm brought us a picnic lunch with tasty Edam cheese and homemade bread. Yum! 

We will talk to you again next month!

Image via pintrest. Original link:

This month is all about The Netherlands, mostly because little guy wants to know more about the place we are considering making our home. There are some really amazing shots of the fields if you want to share more with your kiddos, on pintrest. Just search: The Netherlands Tulips.
I am ordering this windmill kit as our gift from Delbert and Dinah. Cost is  currently $9.56 which is way under the $15 we spent on Little Passports before. I got it here:
Burt Wolf Holland and Belgium is a very nice tour of the area and is available on Amazon Prime. I recommend  previewing any documentaries you show your kids before showing them. Amsterdam is very well known for it's less family oriented virtues, but this video shows all there is to truly love about the country, including some interesting history. 

e2 design Season 2, Ep. 5 "Adaptive Reuse in the Netherlands"

is another interesting Documentary about architecture. We won't be watching it again with little guy, because e2 is just not his cup of tea.

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