100th Day

The 100th day of school was a whole week ago. As my computer gets worse, it is harder to get posts up. We are looking at a replacement, but have not decided yet. Back to the topic at hand...
Happy 100 day!

We did 100 everything! It was nice to have a little break in the monotony that our classroom can sometimes be. Here is what we did by subject:

  • Math: Sort 100 shapes into groups of 5 for skip counting practice
  • Science: 100 drops of water experiment
  • Reading: read 100 words
  • Reader: Ready, Set, 100 Days (free with Kindle lender's library)
  • Art: Use the 100 shapes to make a picture
  • Bible: read psalm 100
  • Also: made 100 day glasses, listed 100 people Mister knows, and had a 100 lunch
You can find some of the activities in my homeschool board on pintrest (I am crazyelephant). Sadly my computer is dying so I can't get the links up.

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