Cleaning Day

Saturday is cleaning day at our house and last week was an extra fun one for me. Every time I turned around Little Guy was doing a job I never even asked him to do. Yes, it did take me a whole week to share...perhaps you have not read the post on the quantity of missions forms we have to fill out? Most of them are done and sent off now, but on to cleaning day...
I asked him to clean the sink, but he volunteered to do the bathtub too! I am noticing how tall he is in this pic , guess we don't need the step stool in there anymore.

Then he dusted the TV stand without suggestion, followed by dust mopping the house. A mom could get used to this!

I surprised him with some Octonauts magnets too. Just printed pics and put sticky magnet pieces on the back. They were a big hit and is one of his favorite shows.

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