Dream Prayers

Last spring I was doing a bible study with some wonderful ladies from church. We were discussing that when you are awake in the middle of the night it is a perfect time to pray for whoever or what ever is on your mind. Of course, I have been praying that way ever since. I don't normally get the chance because I have been blessed with night long sleep. Last week I was awake at about 3am several nights in a row. The last night I did not wake up, but I still prayed.

I had a dream that there was glowing script written on the air (think Star Wars holograms). I was scanning this list of names and prayed for 2 of them. I have no idea who these people were. I could barely pronounce their names. I guess it was incredibly important that these people be prayed for for the Holy Spirit to make it happen in this way. Whoever they were, I am glad someone was looking over them that night!

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