Fun Mail

The most wonderful mail to get is...

Congratulations! Your loan has been paid in full!

If you do not know how good this feels, it is either because you have no debt to pay, congrats to you, or you have yet to pay it off. It has been a long time since I have posted about our debt payoff plan. This is mostly because we have been plugging away at it and nothing new has happened till now.

It is time to give you all a huge update! When our MN tax return comes in we will have $0 in credit card debt! This has been a huge focus for us for 7 years now and feels incredible. That is not all though. We have paid off several of our student loans as well and the rest will be paid in full in late summer/early fall! That would leave us with only a home loan.

It has been a long, hard road. The rewards are worth all the hard work though. We will no longer be bogged down by debt and we certainly won't be accumulating any again. If you are thinking about getting rid of your own debt or just aren't there yet, feel free to take a peek at my Stretch It posts here: I hope these posts will encourage and inspire you in your own journey to being debt free!

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Laurie R said...

Dave Ramsey would be so proud!! Welcome to the new rich!