Squinkies House

The Squinkies in our home are no longer homeless! I know we have all been fretting and losing sleep over their lack of housing. I first got the idea from old faithful (pintrest) to use an Altoids tin and cover it in decor. Then I saw at Toys R Us that you can get pop up scenes, like a pop up book, for your Squinkies to play in (at the low, low price of $3.99 for 2 cards). This got my gears turning and I came up with this...
I made the template for the tin cover by coloring the raised section with washable marker and stamping it onto the paper. The residue cleaned off easily. For the inside I cut out card stock. We decorated them with scrapbooking stickers and I covered them all with a layer of clear contact paper. They all have 4 sticky magnet squares on the back to connect them to the tin. We made a second tin to hold all the cards, so he has one for storage and one for play. One of our sets was an Octonauts picture I printed out and we made another from a photograph from one of our long ago vacations.
Playing with his new playset

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