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A Season for Tending: a Book Review

I am a huge fan of Amish romance novels! I was so excited to have gotten a free copy of A Season for Tending by Cindy Woodsmall from Waterbrook Multnomah Publishing to review. My copy was on my kindle, so my review will be based on the e-edition.

I actually had a very hard time getting into this book initially. It wasn't till I was half done with the book that I started getting interested at all. It did not have the feel of the Amish books I am used to. My favorite are Beverly Lewis' books and books that have a similar feel to hers. This book is not rich in the tradition of the Amish but instead has a very unique cast of characters. Rhoda is an Amish woman who has premonitions and is rumored to be a witch. Jacob is an Amish man that has a dark past and is a whiz at mental math. Leah is an Amish teen who starts the book getting sloshed at a party and wakes up in Rhoda's garden, thus tying the families together.

About halfway, things start to tie together really well. It peaked my interest and kept me moving forward. By the end of the book, I couldn't put it down. When I reached the end, I was sad there wasn't more! I wouldn't put this book at the top of my favorites list, but I would happily read the next book to find out what happens in King's orchard. I expect that book 2 would leave off where book 1 ended and there would be no need for the slow start.

On a technical note, The kindle version had terrible formating. Many of the speaking portions are grouped together in the same paragraph. That makes it very hard to keep track of who is speaking. If this were fixed it would be much easier to really be absorbed by the book as I wouldn't have to come back to reality to decipher who is reading. Out of 5 stars I give this a 4 because it left me wanting more, but I have to take a star off for the weak start and technical issues.


Diane Estrella said…
Great review. Thanks for your thoughts!

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Hope you have a super weekend!
Diane :)

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