Bean Growth

Now that it is spring, we have finally begun learning about seeds. This is happening inside of course since we have a high risk of snow here in Minnesota.
Here are our beans (3) the day we planted them. The baby food jar has about an inch of water (do not allow them to be completely submerged as it stunts the growth) and the center is full of paper towel.

This is at 1 week. The leaves were straight up in the air the next day and there are lots of  roots.

This is just 2 weeks and 2 days. We transferred them to dirt and now the experimentation can begin.
If we go from left to right on the plants above, the first will get sun and light, the second only sun, and the third only water. We are also charting their growth. The experiment is supposed to go 1 month, so we will see how they fare till then.

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