Big Job Ahead

The enormity of our going on mission is starting to sink in a bit. We spoke on the phone yesterday with the lead in Montreal. He is in the field and would be working directly with us should we end up in Montreal. It is a huge city of 3 million people 1% of which are Christians. That isn't many. Really, we could walk the streets of Montreal and never run across another Christian. That is a little daunting. Okay, a lot daunting.

The lead said he would love to have us doing videos and media work to help with outreach and training. The team up there is working with 100 churches to help each of them plant a new church, thus doubling the amount of churches. When he realized that animation means making cartoons (we went to school for media arts and animation) he got especially excited. He also said we should starting thinking of how we might be able it fit in in regards to evangelism  We work best creating a one on one relationship with others and so we would most likely find groups to be a part of, for leisure/evangelism.

By the end of the phone conversation, we really seemed to be hitting it off. He made sure we were comfortable working on our own too because they are a team but don't actually spend much time together. We told him this is how we work best. We are feeling like this is a good fit for us though we have no idea what is going through the lead's mind. We are planning another chat in May and actually having dinner with him while he is visiting in June, so that must be a good sign.

On top of our communications with various leads and reps, we are happy to say that God has been faithful in showing us we are headed in the right direction. Our phone call last night only happened because of the early coming of the ice storm that kept us home from Awana. We have been able to start discussing with the Missions board at our church, have been offered a fundraising opportunity from a local business woman (out of nowhere I might add), and a pastor (from a different denomination completely) has asked us to come and visit them when we start fundraising. When we tell people that God will bring the funds we need, this is exactly what we are talking about. I think we are at least a couple of months from even looking into actual funding yet and we already have opportunities knocking at our door. There is no turning back now, with God being so clear about his plans for us...not that we wanted to turn back anyway! If only the waiting, the incessant waiting, could go by a  little faster.

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