Chicken Noodle Replacement

My poor kiddo woke up sick this morning. He was so disappointed because it meant missing a play date with friends we haven't spent much time with lately. We have been doing all his favorite things today and skipping school so that he will feel better. With lunch approaching and no chicken noodle soup in sight I had to think of something to feed him.

Chicken noodle soup, out of the can, is one of my least favorite foods. I did want to give him something that would give a similar healing affect and I think I got it spot on. Here is what I used...

Sick Day Soup

2 Bouillon cubes
2 Cups water
1/2 cup corn (or any available veggie)
1 slice of deli ham (or any available bits of meat)
about 10-15 sticks of spaghetti broken into 1/2 to 1 inch bits

I started by bringing the water and bouillon to a boil. Then added the spaghetti. Cook for 7 minutes and toss in the rest about a minute before the timer is going to go off. Eat!

I made sure to try a bit and I must say I am impressed! Yes, with my own work. I have created more than my fair share of recipe flops, but this one is a keeper and I made it with stuff just laying around the house. I will absolutely be making this every time someone in our house is sick.

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