Mission Update

Sorry to keep all my Facebook friends on pins and needles all day! I know you have all been looking forward to this update. As it turns out, it is great that I waited because we just got off the phone with one of the Reps we are working with and we have even more to share now!

One thing is set and figured out now. That is a nice feeling! We will not be in the media producer position  This is not a let down in any way for us. This spot got us motivated to apply but was never the one thing we had our heart set on. We were also connected with 2 of the team leaders from Europe to find out about some other opportunities we asked about and others that may be available. That happened this afternoon and was exciting enough for one day...but then it got even more exciting.

We got a call from one of the leaders this evening. He shared 3 locations he thought would work well for us. Budapest, Montreal, and Lisbon. Canada was the one place he mentioned in his e-mail and it just made my heart jump to see it, which I did not expect it to do. I told Adam over the phone and he sounded thrilled. My Mom had a similar reaction. We shared this with the Rep and he told us that he had already mentioned us to the leaders in Montreal and they are very excited to talk to us. This is absolutely the first one we are going to check into. We would still be doing video and internet work most likely. We will be getting in contact with them soon to find out more about their actual needs and where we might fit into their ministry plans. We are just so excited after our chat! We will definitely be looking into the cities he mentioned tonight and seeing what they are like, as we were asked to do. I won't lie though, we are having a very strong leaning toward Canada right now.


Dawn Hopkins said...

Sounds promising - glad to hear your good news! Canada might be a nice place to start - not too far from home!

Michelle Morgan said...

My Mom especially likes the idea of being able to drive up to see us!