Testing and Toys

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Our state requires standardized testing for homeschooled kids. Many moms complain about it, but I love it! We took Mister for his test this month and we were thrilled with the results! It makes me feel great to see he is doing well and advanced for his age. I also feel confident that I am doing a good job of teaching him and on the right track. Now, if he was going with public school, he would have been in preschool this year because of his late birthday and wouldn't be going to kindergarten till next year. We are homeschooling kindergarten though. 

He took the Peabody test and did fantastic. He ranked in the 81st percentile for his age. His test results ranked him at a 1st grade level overall. I am most excited that he is reading at a 1st grade level! Reading is very important to me.

We were so excited about his fantastic results that we got him a special reward, a Perplexus ball. The woman who tested him has the whole collection, except the one we got, and Mister wanted one so bad. He earned it too! This maze ball has been a big hit and he has spent hours on end working on it. He has yet to reach the end but still loves it.

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