The Great Outdoors

School day in a bag
What better place to do school than outside? On Friday we were able to do that for the first time this year. It felt great. Plus I let Mister run laps around the house between subjects. It helped him to keep moving and fit in some extra Phy Ed time at the same time. I like to kill 2 birds with 1 stone when I can.

Now that spring is finally here, fellow northerners know what I'm saying, we are switching up our daily routine. I know that the summer will be hot and we will be trapped in my bedroom with the AC on during the afternoons. That is prime school time. So we are going to do all of our outdoor activity in the morning  have lunch, then hit the books. So far it is working out great. By the time we hit school time Mister is ready to be quiet and sit for a while. Tucker likes it too because he has been going on lots of doggie-dog walks (yes we really do talk like that at our house).

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