Captured on the High Seas: A Book Review

Our family loves the Adventures in Odyssey series. The books are a great way to expand on an already great series. We haven't read as many of them as we would have liked to, but we have thoroughly enjoyed each one. Captured on the High Seas is the second part in a mini series on the American Revolution. We haven't actually read the first in this mini series but it is working well as a stand alone book.

Captured on the High Seas tells the tale of James, a young black man on an American ship. The ship gets captured and the prisoners are taken aboard an English ship. James' education and care of the captain's son keeps him from being sold into slavery but not from being sent to the prison ship. Will James and the cousins escape the prison ship? We don't know yet, but we are excited to find out!

This book has opened up a lot of opportunities to talk about the times of the Revolution. There has been discussion about what lengths a person will go to for something they truly believe in. James was willing to be sold as a slave over betraying the ideals he was fighting for in the revolution. We also talked about the way people were treated. The prison ships were essentially a place for prisoners to die. It has been an interesting book to read with a 6 year old, but a fantastic experience together.

The back of the book contains a couple of extras which are great. First there is the puzzle. When you find the answer to the puzzle you win a special radio show on their website. The second is a series of questions to help with discussion and comprehension. We have truly enjoyed this series and look forward to reading more!

I received a free copy of this book to review from Tyndale.

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