A New Home for Tucker

Four years ago tomorrow we brought home the sweetest little dog. His family had too many pets and virtually no time to care for them all. We were so happy to give him a home where he would have the love and attention he needed. Tucker has become a part of our family and we all love him so much.IMG_2188

The last year has brought many changes. We are preparing to leave the country as missionaries. We have left our home, most of our belongings, and are preparing to leave all of our friends and family. The question on our minds all these months has been whether we should bring our beloved family dog with us or find him a new home. IMG_2010

As we think over the life we will likely have in Montreal, we realize we will likely not be home much. Poor Tucker would spend most of his time locked up in his crate. He would be left behind with someone else for the first three months while we are in language school. Then there is all that he would go through each time we cross the border. That wouldn't be so bad for this one trip, but we do intend to return long-term if God leads us to it. As hard as it is we have made the decision to find him a new home.IMG_2161

We love him so much. We want him to have the best life possible even if that means not having it with us. So now we begin on the hard task of finding a wonderful new home for him, with sadness but knowing it is the right decision.IMG_2177

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