Messages From Home


Sometimes it feels like we have been preparing for our mission trip FOREVER! In actuality it was not quite one year and two months ago that we received our acceptance letter with ReachGlobal. All three of us are quite ready to get going. January seems like it is a far off date, but it really leaves us with September and October to get the details in place. Then November and December are devoted to the holidays (we all know how that is) and saying our good-byes. My mister keeps telling me how ready he is to move out of Grandma's and hit the road for Montreal. I know how much he is going to miss his friends and family though. It will probably hit him as we buckle him into the U-Haul. So, while I was ordering his 1st grade yearbook on I created a personalized notebook. On the classic orange envelope I pasted instructions for writing inside it.


A memory book from home

Enclosed is a special book for Jayne’s friends and family to write him special messages to read while we are living in Montreal. Things you can include:

  1. Pictures

  2. Messages

  3. Drawings

  4. Addresses so we can write to you

  5. All your thoughts of love and encouragement

  6. Your favorite memories of Jayne

Please keep this book a secret and in good condition so he will have a wonderful surprise when we make our move. Also try to stick to 1 page per person so there is enough room for everyone.

When we are on the road and living in a new country, he will be able to read encouraging notes from his friends and family. It will help him remember how much they care about him. I will try to leave it as a leaving day surprise, but with children writing in it too the word might come out. What have you done to help ease your child into a big move? I would love more ideas!

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