How to Survive a Sharknado: A Book Review

Have you been concerned about your ability to survive a Sharknado or other unnatural disaster? Now you can be prepared with Andrew Shaffer's book How to Survive a Sharknado. I have been seeing this movie everywhere, online, Netflix, Amazon. The whole idea is so absurd that I thought I'd never watch it. Seeing the book really piqued my interest. I signed on to review the book.

I wanted to be prepared and to give the book a fair review, so I watched the movie. It is totally absurd! So absurd that it is downright hilarious. Now I was psyched to read the book. I was not disappointed. How to Survive a Sharknado has a letter from Fin at the beginning and one from his ex-wife at the back. Both are characters from the SciFi film. Shaffer also peppers the book with actual facts bringing the book to life for the readers.

The appendices are not to be missed either. Two different supply lists are included. There is a quiz to find out how well you would do in the case of an unnatural disaster. And excerpts from other scifi books. My favorite part of the whole book was in a highlighted section of the Cave Bear information. He quotes Stephen Colbert's opinion on bears and it was hilarious.

I was impressed by the full page illustrations for each topic. The layout of the whole book was incredibly well done. Plus I am prepared for the inevitable icenado we are likely to get this winter.

I received this book from Blogging for Books for this review.


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