Life Changes and It Changes Everything

IMG_1435I have posted about many of our life changes over the 9 years I have been blogging. Overall our blog has stayed about the same. We have talked about what our ambiguous blog should be ever since the change to wordpress. After so much prayer and talk we really feel that we need to move our focus to missions and a life in Christ.

Now I don't just mean us and our mission to Montreal. God has developed in us a passion for missionaries and the incredibly hard job it is to simply get to the mission field. We want to share their stories and what God is doing in the world. We want to share the difficulties and the joys of lives serving God.

So as far as a direction for our blog, we are thinking the focus will be people serving God, living our faith, and homeschooling as Christians. I will still pepper in some other stuff but mostly we want our blog to focus on God. After all, a life on God's path is quite the adventure and, with it's eternal significance, why focus on anything else!

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