The One Year Devotions for Active Boys: A Book Review

untitledGet ready for this unique devotional that is available on October 1st. I am so happy I had the chance to review it. Each page of The One Year Devotional for Active Boys is jam packed with impactful devotionals and activities that keeps your active boy engaged by what he is reading. The activities include hands on crafts and science experiments, interesting weird facts about our world, word puzzles and more.

Each day is different in it's message and activity. The lessons are applied so well to a boys life, too. The book could be used well by about any boy but I feel like the reading and activities are geared to rough ages 9-14. To walk you through a day I will give you a tour of January 24, which I found especially interesting. The first half of that day's page is the story of Stephen being stoned to death for his faith and how he could have prayed for them to stop but chose to pray for those attacking him instead. There are some deep questions about how you react to being mistreated. Then there is an experiment in which we replicate a crocodile stomach and see how the stones they eat can crush food. Ultimately learning about how rocks can really destroy things, like poor Stephen. At the end there is a prayer prompt and a Bible verse. Each day is laid out in a similar manner. There are stories of serving others, both biblically and in the present, mighty warriors, health, generosity, and having faith in God every day. This is a fantastic devotional designed to run from January to December and is labeled for each day. I highly recommend it, and just dive right in with your active boy!

Tyndale House Publishers has provided me with a complimentary copy of this book.

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