World Travels in the Works

worldTravelsWorld Travels with Delbert and Dinah has been a very fun part of our homeschool in the past. I already mentioned that I will be bringing the series back. I have spent a long time thinking about what I want to do with it. There are countries to choose, artwork to make, and words to write. I made the decision to re-write the previous posts, add the new countries, and make it into a pdf book. I still plan to post it on the blog, but a pdf book will put all the information into one easy to read spot.

There will be some other changes as well. Instead of using photos, I will be creating original artwork for each country. Delbert and Dinah will be sharing geography from a Biblical view. They will share stories of missionaries, historical significance of the areas they visit, and Christianity in the area. Not all of these will be in every story, but I want it to be the underlying theme that binds them all together. The letters will still be fun to read and not too heavy for smaller kids. I may also rearrange the countries so they follow a more route like flight instead of the random line they once were.political_world_map_1200

It will take a while to put them all together, but I hope to post the studies along the way. Did you want to know the countries we will be covering? Here they are:





Easter Island


Hong Kong (possibly, since they are technically part of China)








*Saudi Arabia


*Starting Letter


*(from first series)

This would make a total of 18 months of geography letters. I hope you are excited about them as I am!

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