A Little French Every Day With Duolingo

images8VA5IC1WWe made some changes to our mission trip and one of those was to wait on language school till our possible long term stay. It still doesn't change the fact that we are plopping ourselves down in a city that speaks primarily French. A little, at least, would be nice. We happened upon duolingo.com. For one thing it is free. I love the price tag! It is also somewhat addictive.

With Doulingo language learning is like a video game. You gain experience points and move to new levels. We play on our Kindles and online. You practice translating from English to French and French to English. If you have a microphone set up you can also practice speaking. I don't expect to be speaking French anytime soon on this app. I do hope to make it easier to buy groceries and find our way around though. It has been fun playing over the last 7 days and much better for us than perusing pinterest or surfing the web.


Don't want to learn French? You can also take Spanish, Danish, Irish, Italian, German, Portuguese, and English. If you already speak one of these languages I believe you can learn any of the others, but I can't be sure as the options are in those languages. Want to know how it all works? Check out the video below.

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