Inside the Test Kitchen: A Book Review

9780385344555While I do most of the main cooking in our family, Adam loves to experiment in the kitchen. He says, "if it is good for you in any way Michelle probably made it." Inside the Test Kitchen is all about experimenting. You open it up and you feel like you just opened up someone's high school notebook. This cookbook is so relaxed that you just can't help but want to dive in.

The first thing I always notice about a cookbook are the pictures. This book is filled with photos and I love that! Not just a photo for each recipe, but photos of the process. They are accompanied by "handwritten" notes. The recipes are unique plays on classic comfort foods like mac and cheese and green bean casserole. There are discussions on the best type of ground meat to use for hamburger and which cheeses are the stretchiest. I am delighted to have this book in my new kitchen when we move in 50 days from now.

Tyler Florence has really created something special in this book. It is as fun to read as it is to cook from. It's so easy to follow and I can actually find the ingredients. There are many recipes that are gluten free, which is a major plus for our family. I can't wait to surprise my darling husband with this super fun cooking experience this Christmas. My taste buds can't wait either!

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