Little Details Add Up Fast

PackedBoxesWe are moving in two months. It sounds like a lot to most people we talk to, but let me break it down for you. In two weeks, Adam is done working. Two weeks after that is Thanksgiving. One week after that is St. Nicholas Day, when we celebrate Christmas with just the three of us (you'll see why in a moment). Two weeks after that starts the busiest week of our year, the week of Christmas. The weekend before Christmas we will celebrate Jesus birth with Adam's parents and siblings. Wednesday at Adam's Mom's side, Thursday at my Dad's side, Saturday with my immediate family, and Sunday at my Mom's side and possibly also our commissioning service at church. Just days after that we will be heading out for Montreal.

Whew! Top that off with a heavy dose of paperwork, phone calls and research and it feels shorter by the minute. I have to laugh a bit, internally of course, when people ask why Adam thought he needed to quit his job so early. Moving to Canada is not as easy as one might think. On top of the things I have already listed, here is a glimpse of our to do list right now.

  • Call two borders to find out what they need and where is best to cross

  • Decide on driving directions

  • Decide on U-Haul or other moving company

  • Get Tucker in for shots and get all the paperwork on him that we can

  • Finish last bit of support raising

  • Find an apartment and sign lease

  • Get the few things we have out packed back up

  • Spend some time with friends and family before we leave. (we won't see them all at Christmases)

  • figure out banking so we can get the funds we need from our American account to a Canadian one

  • Look into services like cell and internet

  • Set up Adam's videography internship

  • Have several more Skype calls with our team and rep from ReachGlobal

  • Prep and presentation for two more churches

  • (This space reserved for all the things I am forgetting)

Oh my, it is a lot to do. I do wonder sometimes if we have enough time to do them in. I am sure we really will though. God has a way of bringing together the details. We are all looking forward to the end result, which is making our move to Montreal. The hard work will be worth the effort as we step forward on the path God has created for us. There is a lot to do and learn when we get there, but for now I am just envisioning finally unpacking our home that has been packed out of sight for the last seven months. cropped-Montrealevening1.jpg

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