The Jobes Leave Today

Jobes Prayer Card FrontV2God has really blessed us by giving us another family to relate to and go through pre-deployment with. Today they are all climbing on a plane and starting the journey to Nosy Mitsio, a tiny island off the coast of Madagascar in Africa. They will be joining their team at Africa Inland Mission's headquarters in Georgia after their flight today. They are going on a TIMO mission which focuses on training them to be long term missionaries. They will be there for just over two years.

The process of getting there is long and arduous. There are 8 young children among the group which will likely make the journey more difficult. After quite a lot of travel and some stops for training on how to survive in a third world country, they will finally be greeted with Nosy Mitsio on the horizon in mid November.   nosy-mitsio After a week of staying with a family in their village, they will move into their new home. It is a sweet little hut and is ready and waiting for their arrival. It is a long road to get there though. Please join our family in praying for the Jobes, especially in these next three weeks before arriving at their home. 10626480_734039653648_7616873126465400419_n If you want to know more about the Jobes mission and follow their journey, you can visit their blog here:

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