I am loving this song today! Really, I have for a while now. I think my favorite line is "Faith is moving without knowing." Every step we have taken toward Montreal has taken us into the unknown. Today for instance, we sign a lease for an apartment we have never entered in a city we have never been to.

God has prepared us to jump off the edge with Him without fear. Satan and society are still trying to instill fear in us. They would have us believe that God won't provide our remaining funds, that something terrible will happen, or that we are just not strong enough to do this. It is just not true!

Following God is the hardest thing we have ever done. It is hard to go into the unknown. We have had a lot of loving support but they are severely outnumbered by those who would have us turn our backs on God and this mission. The thing is, when you turn away from them and move your focus to God, it is sure a lot harder to hear them.
God I want to dream again. Take me where I've never been.

I want to go there. This time I'm not scared.

Now I am unbreakable. It's unmistakable.

No one can touch me. Nothing can stop me.

God calls us. He prepares us. He never guarantees that faith will be easy. Actually, He is pretty clear in the Bible that it will not be easy. But it is worth every difficulty to see God work in your life, in the lives around you, and to know that the path you are following is leading to Him.

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