The Day is Here

PackedBoxesWhat a month! I am very much an introvert and this solid month of family and friend get togethers has been a little tough. It isn't just the days surrounded by people though. It has been very hard to say good-bye to our friends and family. We have continued to stay focused on what God has set before us though. It is an exciting adventure and there is a wonderful group of people in Montreal that are waiting to say hello.

Nearly everything is packed. We are spending the day doing last loads of laundry, packing up all our clothes, and staging the garage for a quick and easy transfer into the U-Haul tomorrow. 2 years ago we had a call with someone from ReachGlobal about possibly being missionaries. It has been a long 2 years. We have had emotional highs and lows that are beyond description. We have grown immensely in our faith and trust in God. Now the day to leave for the field is finally upon us.

Tomorrow we pack our family like sardines into a U-Haul and drive into the unknown. I'm not nervous at all. I can't even sleep at night for excitement and thinking out if everything is done. We know that God goes before us into this and that He will be here watching over the loved ones we are leaving behind. My next post will be from Canada! Crazy! I almost can't believe we are finally leaving tomorrow.

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