And a Storm That Seems Never to Lift

As I greeted new faces at City Church yesterday, my eyes were continually drawn to window. Snow, lots of it, filled the sky to the point that it was hard to see the other buildings around us. We knew that it snowed more here, in a knowledge sort of way. It snows almost every day here, especially this week. It is hard to be cheerful when the gloom of winter weather is literally over your head.

As I watched the deluge of snow outside, I couldn't help but think of this song from one of my all time favorite movies, Seven Brides for Seven Brothers. They sing about the months of winter and I am relating big time to the song this winter. So I watched the snow, greeted people, and hummed this song. It brought a smile to my face among the gloominess of the day.
February finds a drift and a storm that seems never to lift.

I hope it brings a smile to your face this cold winter day too. If you want to see the part I am talking about, it is at 2:51. I could not find a clip with just this scene.

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