Morgan Minute: Transit

Morgan Minute Y15 02 from Adam Morgan on Vimeo.

IMG_4495It is a sad reality here in the city. So many here feel empty inside. Their hope has gone from their lives and many choose to escape that hopelessness on the Metro lines. Twice in one week we were directly affected by those choices. Praise to God that we did not personally witness them, though the second time was very close. We have been so grateful to have a smart phone now so we can quickly find a new way home when a line is down due to malfunction or the sad cases of "emergency intervention".

I was really upset when I heard about it the first time. The second time we just missed the train that encountered that poor lost soul. That was harder. I'm not alone in feeling upset. You can see it on the faces of our fellow travelers. Some are angry about the inconvenience, but most turn and leave the station with the most somber look in their eyes. I was left wondering how to log this new information into my mind.

Like many people in Montreal, I can't just stop using the Metro to avoid encountering tragic news. I also can't be preoccupied by it, thinking about the people who do this and the possibility that my family and I may witness this at some point. So I did the only thing I could do. I prayed.

IMG_4497I pray for the people of Montreal. I pray for those that are deep in depression, for those whose lives have been impacted by witnessing these types of events, and for those reaching out to this enormous city. I realized that I cannot connect with every person in this city and give them hope. So, I will continue to pray that God would bring these people hope like He brought me hope and that He would bring more missionaries to Montreal so that those people would be reached with God's love.

 "Then he said to his disciples, “The harvest is plentiful but the workers are few." Matthew 9:37

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