Canada is NOT North USA

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Back home Canada is like a sister to the north. As you head further north it seems like the line is blurred between Canadian and American. When we first told people we were coming to Montreal to serve as missionaries, many of them thought we were crazy. How would it be any different than simply serving in Minnesota? We didn't really have any clear way of sharing the differences, but had heard they were there. And, oh, how different it is!

There is the obvious here in French Canada, everything is in French, the signs, the directions and alerts in the Metro, the information posted in the busses. That was to be expected. The little things are really what catch you off guard. You need 4 forms of Canadian ID to get a phone. People are surprised when they hear we have the same last name, in a country where changing your name, even for marriage, is illegal. Bank accounts are not free and some accounts severely limit the number of transactions allowed in a month. The street lights run differently. The food here tastes different and the prices of the food are very different too.

I could spend all day typing up the minute differences of living in Canada, but I won't. The part that makes acclimating to a new life here are the similarities to America. I can go down the street and order a pepperoni pizza just like back home. When I bite into it and I taste that bologna like pepperoni they have here it is a reminder that I am not back home at all. Though the similarities sometimes trick us into thinking we are in the States, it always comes out Canada. We are getting used to the changes and expect there will be more to get used to over our months in Montreal.

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