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The Battle Before Us

PANOMontrealSpiritual warfare is real. It is everywhere. This battle is not something people address in Africa or the Asiatic islands alone. Satan doesn't fight against us only in places with ancestral worship and impoverished nations. He is fighting us here in Montreal and he is there with you where ever you are reading this post.

There is a difference between a knowledge of something you have read in a book and the knowledge of experience. We came here to Montreal with book knowledge on this subject, and a fairly limited one at that. We did start to feel the battle as we prepared to be missionaries, but it is not the same here in Montreal. I can't even describe what it is like. You can feel it all around you in this city. It's a darkness that lays over Montreal like a fog. It penetrates your thoughts and attitudes until you suddenly wonder where in the world those thoughts and attitudes came from.

Much of this was a gradual build up for us. We were tired and cranky from the time change. Life has been hard as we get used to a new lifestyle, so of course we are all at each other's throats. Our schedules are in complete chaos and we have no control over anything. Then we sat down and looked at the calendar. We have had a few things each month that have thrown off our week, but overall our weeks have formed into a fairly good routine. Where was this totally unjustified and illogical idea coming from? In the beginning we could chock it up to the difficulties of a new life, but if you give Satan an inch he will take a mile.

Once we realized that we were facing some pretty serious spiritual attack, we realized how ill prepared we are for this battleground. Our preparations for missions included reading about spiritual warfare. Either we were blinded to the truth in that information or it simply wasn't enough. We don't want to become casualties of the war. This week we began reading Spiritual Warfare: The Battle For God's Glory by Jerry Rankin. So far it has been very enlightening. Here is what Amazon has to say about the book:
Christians already have victory over the world through Jesus, but Satan picks a fight with believers nonetheless, tempting them with the influences of the world in an effort to steal God’s glory. Indeed, the battle rages on , but the nature of the enemy is baldly exposed in Spiritual Warfare, helping readers better understand feelings of resentment, anger, doubt, pride, and adversity for what they really are: fiery darts of deception.


Written by International Mission Board president Jerry Rankin, who has witnessed spiritual warfare at work around the world, the book in turn becomes an inspiring guide to the Spirit-filled life, illuminating spiritual disciplines that equip us for victory including prayer, Bible study, fasting, Sabbath observance, active church membership, and praising God in all things.

I find it very interesting that this book, and all the Spiritual Warfare books, are not available to Canadian Kindles. Clearly, Satan is not willing for the people here to arm themselves for battle. He certainly doesn't want a fair fight and is quite willing to fight dirty. We will continue to arm ourselves with the word of God, prayer, and God's almighty power. If you aren't armed and prepared, you might want to take the time.


You have expressed wise insights into spiritual warfare! Jerry Rankin's quote is great!
We are standing in the battle with you!

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